I specialise in developing and executing real estate investment strategies professionally, to help time poor investors to easily, efficiently access strong long-term returns, and preserve and grow their wealth, with confidence.

I’ve been in, and been passionate about the UK property industry for 10+ years, since a RICS-accredited Real Estate degree from Cambridge.

I began investing as soon as possible, on the side of 5 year career in Strategy Consulting and Private Equity at Deloitte, despite no seed capital or spare time.

Since then, I have led £13m+ of investments across 80 flats and houses, delivering returns of up to 20% to the investors I’ve worked with.

My Businesses

My primary business, Anglo Residential, has recently secured £6m of seed funding to build a £100m portfolio of high income residential property.

We partner with investors who have access to £1-15m of capital to invest. If you are interested in working with Anglo Residential you can contact us here.

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Investing in UK residential property, in line with current trends

Investors from all over the world are attracted to UK residential property. For more than 20 years, it has been seen as one of the best investments available.

The trouble is, the market has changed. Approaches that worked before are no longer working. As market and regulatory pressures have grown, margins are being squeezed. It is becoming harder to access low risk, income-focused UK residential property investments that work for the long term. Yet in these uncertain, fast-changing times it has never been more important to invest to build a more secure financial future. 

Investors run the risk of making poor decisions and expensive mistakes through not understanding the market and how value is affected. They fear missing out on opportunities and even losing out on millions of pounds each year. 

In this more complex environment, investors of all scales need to understand and navigate a complicated market, and be more strategic, value-focused, and professional in their approach. Often this means not investing directly, as even the smartest investors can lack the kind of specialised knowledge needed in the current market. 

Who we work with

The investors I’ve worked with range from representatives of family funds to High Net Worth business owners. They have two things in common:

They love the idea of investing in UK residential property
They know they need help to do so properly, in this new market environment

If that sounds like you, get in touch. As you would expect, it all starts with a confidential conversation.

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